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Top 10 Players Of Turkish Home Loan Market

The Turkish home loan market is not just for people from other countries. Even Turkish find ways to acquire new homes for themselves. This is the people's way of showing that they give value to an investment. The 2007 mortgage regulations even provided a lot of individuals with privileges when it comes to investing on Turkish property.

Banks and other financial institutions competed for the top spot when it comes to home loan mortgage offerings. These establishments were not just ready in terms of monetization of home loans. They were also equipped with new housing projects. In fact, the most recent survey conducted by The Banker showed 10 of the most sought after banks and institutions in the Turkish home loan market.

Top 10 home loan market players in Turkey

Looking at the list of The Banker, the biggest bank emerged to be Is Bankasi followed by Akbank and Garanti Bank. When it comes to home loans however, the following rankings were obtained from the survey.

- Garanti Bank. The records for 2008 showed that Garanti was able to deliver the highest in terms of banking income with a growth of 22%. Customers with various transactions including regular bank deposits and withdrawals and mortgages went up to 1,000,000 more than in 2007. Mortgage products for this bank started the trend in Turkey both in the cash and non-cash loan arena
- Akbank. This bank began its operations on January 1948 in Adana, Turkey. Its primary purpose then was to provide finances for cotton producers living in the Cukurova Region. Now, Istanbul is already the home for the bank's headquarters and continues to prove to be one of Turkey's largest banks in terms of assets and loan volume.
- Is Bankasi. This is considered as the country's premiere national financial institution. As a dependable banking system, it had its own share of firsts in the whole nation. Among others, it was the first to introduce checks in daily banking transactions and in the utilization of Automated Teller Machines..
- Yapi Kredi. Yapi Kredi is a banking system divided into five major segments. The list includes: retail including SME banking; credit cards; private banking; commercial banking and corporate banking. It boasts more of its presence in the retail banking sector which includes auto and home loan mortgage in Turkey.
- Ing Bank. This Turkish bank grew rapidly in terms of number with 365 branches completing the entire banking system. Its popularity extended throughout the world with an offshore banking unit located in Manama, Bahrain.
- DenizBank. This banking institution was founded 71 years ago in 1938. It was primarily established to render funds for Turkey's maritime sector. Now, it is already in the hands of Dexia and is currently busy in marketing for depositor's accounts as well as loan mortgage.
- Ziraat Bank. The loan offerings of Ziraat Bank started in as early as 1863 when the first agricultural loan was granted to Turkish farmers. Four years later, in 1867, an organized credit system was made by the bank. Through time, a lot of events took place and now, the bank continues to grow and become part of the whole world. In 1988, the GAP loan for Southeast Anatolia was founded. Ziraat Bank continues to rise in the league of markets for home loans and other mortgage types.
- DD Mortgage. The name itself implies that the primarily goal of this bank is to provide loans to the public. DD was coined from the joint venture between the Dogan Group and the Deutsche Bank. Its ranking in the Turkish home loan market arena is attributed to its creation of specialized mortgage solutions for its patrons. Even Turkish citizens living abroad are given the chance to obtain loans from DD Mortgage.
- Fortis. It was in 2005 when Fortis entered the market for finance in Turkey as it acquired Disbank. This made the bank become more active in the retail and commercial banking sectors as it offers a wide array of loan mortgage products to its prospects and existing sets of clientele. Fortis also offers asset management and merchant banking.
- HSBC. Completing the top 10 list is a world-acclaimed banking institution known as the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. Being part of one of the world's largest financial networks places HSBC Turkey in one of the top spots in the country's banking industry.

These rankings for the Turkish home loans may change throughout the years especially that there are other banks competing for the top spot. Knowing about these banks encourages investors to make their next purchase or home loan mortgage via these venues. The ranking also reflects the reputation built by each bank on a country and worldwide scale.

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