Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Steps To Getting A Ppi Refund

The basic steps to getting PPI refunds are going over the details of your loan or loans yourself, contacting the lender about your loan and looking at your credit report, talking to your lender about a PPI refund, talking to an ombudsman about a PPI refund and waiting to hear back from the ombudsman. You can call an ombudsman about what to do. Generally what you would do is contact the bank first and the financial ombudsman after. Contact the specific branch relevant to your policy of the bank in question. Going after a PPI refund is often worth a shot even if the loan was only a verbal agreement, not a written one, though the process tends to be easier with written agreements.

Try an Ombudsman

The services of an ombudsman are free concerning this matter. You can try reclaiming your PPI even if you are not sure whether you were sold one or not. A claim can also be made if your debt has been passed to a collection agency. Reclaiming PPI on an old account is possible, though it is easiest if it was active in the past 6 years. PPI refunds regarding loans older than this can still happen. Reclaiming PPI also will not affect your credit rating, by the way, and you can make claims concerning multiple PPI policies for different loans at the same time, whether these loans were at the same bank or not. Each claim does require separate paperwork, however.

PPI Details

You can also reclaim PPI after you have reclaimed bank charges. Reclaiming can still happen on a loan that you have paid off, and it can also still happen if you are no longer a customer of the bank in question. A debt management plan or even a bankruptcy are not relevant to your ability to make a PPI claim. A bank will often automatically use reclaimed PPI money towards paying off your outstanding debt with that institution if you have any, but you may be able to reverse this if you are in a position of financial hardship and need the money for something else. However, concerning bankruptcy, your official receiver will likely get your PPI refund.

More on PPI Matters

PPI refunds can still occur if your old lender has been taken over in the meantime by another institution, and you may also be able to do so if your old lender no longer exists. PPI monies that are now part of an estate can often also be reclaimed. PPI matters can be a grey area when it comes to divorces, however, though it is still probably worth looking into. You can also reclaim if you now live abroad. Reclaimed PPI monies can number in the thousands of pounds. PPI claims are most often related to bank policies, but there are also catalogue, car loan, credit card and store card policies, but not often mortgage policies. Many different financial products can be associated with PPI policies.

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