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Jewel Homes

Jewel Homes

A master apartment builder with an impressive portfolio of over 24 master projects to its credit, in less than a decade of existence. Jewel homes is the name to reckon with in construction quality, architectural innovation, space management and a special flair in spotting and developing some of the very best residential locations.

Jewelhomes Ongoing Apartment Projects in Kochi

Jewel Richmond

A builder rich in experience with 23 projects. A builder rich in expertise who sets new benchmarks in engineering and design. A team of top-notch engineers, professional architects, innovative designers and skilled labourers that makes rich workforce. Moreover rich in confidence with quality that surpasses all standards. This is how Jewel Homes makes Richmond a class apart in residence.

Jewel Keningston

Be on the brighter side of life. At one of the most sought-after residential locations in Kakkanad. In a home that promises you an inspiring ambience. And all the luxuries of an ultramodern living space. In 3 and 2 bedroom versions. For living legends of the blue-chip world.
At the Jewel Keningston, Kakkanad, you live very close to almost every important development in Kochi's promising new economic horizon. The Smart City, Kinfra Park, Infopark, CSEZ, Muthoot Technopolis etc. The project is located at the beautiful Rajagiri Valley, in the part of Kakkanad, destined to be the new downtown Kochi in the near future.
A new world, anew life, awaits you at the Jewel Keningston. Enriched by the beauty of nature and empowered developments in the IT scenario of Kakkanad. The Jewel Keningston architectural delight in 13 floors with 78 luxury apartments, and enjoys close proximity to some of the best educational institutions, popular places of worship and urban commercial outlets.
The imposing design and early launch of the Jewel Keningston, the 23rd project of Jewel Homes, is inspired by the grand success of the Jewel Lexington, the 20th project of the company in the same location - the Rajagiri Valley.

Jewel Lexington

Jewel Lexington is located at Kakkanad close to Infopark & smart city. This part of Kakkanad is destined to be the new 'downtown1 Kochi in the near future. All major IT, Developments are being planned around this area. Living here and investing in this area has its obvious advantages.

Jewel Highdelberg

is the 17' project of Jewel Homes located 200 meters off NH-47 close to the Medical Centre. It is built in the same spirit and values which govern all its projects. Highdelberg is outstanding in its design concept, craftsmanship and value abundant features. Let us look at its prominent feature. It's extraordinary design makes it feel like a detached home, rather than an apartment.
Location of the project, the precision and trustworthiness of the construction process make definite contributions to the value of your home. When a customer is convinced of the above he has made a vital step towards an 'ACTIVE INVESTMENT'. Remember, an 'ACTIVE INVESTMENT' grows much faster in value due to its strategic location and the total personality of the housing project..

Jewel Spring Field

Decoding a dream, especially a home dream is a tough job. It needs a rare insight to read the mind of a home buyer. With a proven excellence we, at Jewel Homes, dare to decode and express your home dream in the pink of perfection.Jewel Spring Field manifests the finest features of City apartments. Jewel Spring Field brings all the vital aspects at a sensible price.
Today, the city of Cochin is wooing the world with her vibrant beauty and resources. For investors, it's a place of ever growing opportunities, for a home maker, it's a cosmopolitan city that unfolds amenities of matchless life styles, knowledge and learning. Jewel Spring Field makes a strategic presence on SRM Road, Ernakulam north. Its just 1 Km away from Lissie Junction. No doubt, Jewel Spring Field is in the heart of the city.

Jewel Bluebell Tower

Home projects allure an occupant by its distinguished features like location, easy accessibility, friendly neighborhood and a healthy living environment. JEWEL BLUEBELL TOWER is an eleven storied skyscraper coming up near Kacherippady.
It has a number of elegant features to its credit. There will also be a roof top garden and children's play area. BLUEBELL TOWER has all the vibrant qualities of becoming a solid landmark of the city of Kochi.

Jewel White Field

offers you a special place in the heart of Cochin, the emerging metre in south India. It's a perfectly peaceful residential area on SRM road:-hardly 1 Km away from Lisie Jn. and 1.2 Kms from Kaloor Junction, one of the fast growing commercial centres in COCHIN.

No doubt it's an enviable location full of advantages. Ernakulam North Railway Station, Shopping centres and markets are within 1.5 Km radius. It takes only a few minutes to reach LissieJn. In short, you can easily reach any part of the city from Jewel White Field. To top all, major health care centres in Kerala such as Lissie hospital and PVS "hospital are located at a comfortable distance. On many counts, White Field is coming up at a location of multifaceted advantages.

Jewel Bay View

Every individual leads his life saga in his own characteristic way. Varied may be our lives; yet as a common factor we have commitments to people and aspects gracing our lives. Our commitment to security and comfort leads us to dream for home A Home for Ever.

Jewel River Woods

invites a chosen few to a new world, and a new life. Enriched by the beauty and serenity of nature. and endowed with every conceivable modern day luxury. Housing 53 three bedroom apartments, across 14 floors. Complete with all the amenities that make for a classy lifestyle. A well equipped gym, Clubhouse, Rooftop party area, Riverview point with park benches, Community area for recreation, and much more..

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