Monday, August 27, 2012

The Right Character Traits For An Mba

Applying to business school? Yeah, I know what that's like. You have a lot to focus on and sometimes the only way you can understand the application is to really break down some of the components and concepts into parts. For example, ever think about how your extracurriculars, life story, and work experience are all part of the large picture? You need to really give admission officers a piece what you are as a person, think of it as character development.

Let's nip it right in the butt. You really have to show admission officers that you have traits to be successful.

It's critical that you know what your business school of choice is looking for in its applicants. If you don't know, it's going to be hard to weave some of those traits into applications and convince them you're the ONE. Believe me, not all business schools are the same and if you're assuming that any trait will satisfy business schools, you're dead wrong. All top MBA programs want their students to graduate and to become newsworthy alumni one day; they want powerful leaders out there representing their alma mater brand. Whether it's finance, consulting, healthcare, or the social sector, you need to be a dominant force along the way in some form. You might be thinking that not every business school cares about leadership the way Harvard does, but every business school is actually looking for influential leaders. If you have no interest in becoming a leader one day, then you can forget about becoming a notable alumni.

I know I'm sounding rather harsh but this is the reality of business schools. Think about it, they want to continue having an amazing brand to continue attracting applicants from around the world. It's a business model! After all, it's business school. They've got to make money somehow, right?

I'll leave you with some traits that you should be thinking about as you dive into the application process. Don't limit yourself to these, use them as a guide and continue to find traits that you embody.

Emotionally intelligent
Confident (not arrogant)
empathic and thoughtful

If you're having trouble finding some traits, visit some school websites and read about current students. This is always a good beginning.

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